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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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wells fargo, and or other banks, can't be far behind. maria: that's not good. kaitlin. >> how does donald trump face the rest of the week. clinton is off the trail and facing scrutiny. how does he spend this especially with two weeks before the debate. maria: here is "varney & company" and stu. stuart: thank very much indeed. hillary tries to stabilize, it's a struggle. trump jumps on hillary's deplorables. this election clearly has taken a turn, has it not? good morning, everyone. why did she hide the pneumonia? because it didn't seem like a big deal. how many times has it happened before? sorry, not sure. that's hillary clinton calling in to cnn. meanwhi, some democrats want a backup plan just in case hillary can't be the candidate. she's reeling. one new poll shows her honesty rating sinking and we haven't mentioned her insult to millions of americans.
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donald trump picked it up. he assembled a stage full of deplorables and taking the high road on hillary's health. he's campaigning vigorously, the child care plan, and the new scripted trump rolls on. and it pivoted this past weekend. 55 days to go. investors, watch out. oil down and stocks down today. money and politics, it's what we do. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> you have a long way to go. excuse me, excuse me, hey, back up! excuse me, excuse me! excuse me! off, off! . stuart: how about that? that's what we woke up to, crazy scene, dancing with stars
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during lochte's performance. while waiting for the scores, two men with anti-lochte t-shirts rushed the stage, handcuffed and removed as well as two women sitting behind the mean in the audience. what is this? an anti-swimming demonstration? what the devil is going on? two guys, i don't know whether they were brazilians are not liz: didn't like a perceived liar. ashley: called him a liar. stuart: for at that you interrupt this liz: with t-shirts. stuart: i think we better move on about of i get exasperated before we get started. [laughter] wild ride for the market this week, bearish comments about oil look to be dragging down stocks again, look at that, down about 130 odd points at the opening bell, 28 minutes from now. it's all about oil, probably. we're back to $45 a barrel. the question is, are we on the way to $39 a barrel. if we are, what happens to
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stocks. more in a moment. market watcher and trump guy steve cortez is with us. please don't tell me, steve, that this, this fall today is more navel gazing at the fed and are we going to get an increase this year or next year? please don't tell me that. >> well, then, stuart, i don't know what to say because it's the truth. i tell you the truth and our viewers when i think of the truth. it's a sad truth to connect money and politics here. it's sad that all the stock market seems to care about is fed policy. doesn't care much about underlying growth, which is weak. doesn't care about corporate profits in a recession which i think might lead to an actual recession, an onto ground recession. the stock market remains near all-time highs, why? because of central policies here and around the world. we need to break out of that, need real growth on main street, 3, 4, 5% growth and we can get it. stuart: steve, we'll hold you over to the 9:30 the opening
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bell. the price of oil coming down because it appears we have a glut of oil for a long,s long time. does it have anything to do with the stock market and its decline? >> four sure, the stock market like oil closer to 50 than to 40 and i think we're headed to 40. it's good news long-term for america, good news that we're sau saudi-america and a massive producer, but oil prices in the near term, yes, i think it's troublesome for stocks. stay there. bring you back at 9:30 for the opening bell. now to hillary, still resting and it appears she's struggling to stabilize politically after the fainting collapse incident over the weekend. here is her explanation, roll tape. >> this is your handling of this and your campaign's refusal to acknowledge what happened until after that video was circulated confirm to suspicions of some voters you're not transparent or trustworthy? >> oh, my goodness, anderson.
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you know, compare everything you know about me with my opponent. i think it's time he met the same level of disclosure that i have for years. stuart: that was interesting, wasn't it? joining us is aaron elmore, department press secretary. you heard it, you're a trump lady, tell us. >> i mean, her health is of paramount concern here, you don't pivot and talk to your opponent when it comes to something as important as your health. really bad. stuart: you don't think that she is being transparent? >> clearly not. we heard she was dehydrated and now we find out it's pneumonia and what is it? this matters. we're not talking dog catcher, we're talking about president of the united states. stuart: good line, not talking dog catcher. ashley: we need extra security in libya, dangerous, no big deal. i had a private server in my home in chappaqua, no big deal. i have pneumonia, i'm passing out or faintings, no big deal.
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it's constant theme here, nothing to see, move on. stuart: i don't think she is he a stabilized politically. later on today, donald trump speaks in pennsylvania, i believe, and he is laying out his plan for child care, how to help middle class people and working folks, how to help with child carement you know the plan, tell us, bullet points. >> detailed, first of all. and one thing that i think stands out to most people is the paid six weeks of leave. americans don't realize that's not something that we're automatically entitled to. the best you're entitled to is six weeks unpaid under our federal law. stuart: that's a liberal idea. >> it is. >> that's what they have in europe for heaven's sake. >> he wants to help the american working class and this is a big way to do that. stuart: i believe he's going to give a tax break, tax deduction for everybody who is taking care of children. >> correct. stuart: who makes less than
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$250,000 a year. >> in or outside of the home as well. and it was also how you choose to invest that money. put money aside for after school programs for education, you don't get taxed on that and while it's growing, you're not getting taxed. stuart: and he would also help those people who don't pay any tax at all and increase the earned income tax credit which is a check in the mail every jan up to $1200. >> that's right. this is an aggressive program. stuart: but it's an aggressive liberal program. >> like i said, donald trump is going into this and putting his honey where his mouth is, i'm here to help the working class. ivanka has the program and has his ear. stuart: it's a change candidate. that's not traditional republican policy, it's just not. that's different stuff. >> as you've said to me 20 times, this is not your grandfather's republican. stuart: i've said that, too and i'm a grandfather.
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erin, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: look at the share price of apple. it's up. and this is premarket, obviously, this is up a couple of bucks, up from the pre-orders of the apple iphone 7 liz: they're retracing losses since the iphone 7 launch which was disappointmentment and both t-mobile and sprint is saying they're coming in. four times what the levels were last year and t-mobile is 0 everything a deal, trade in your old phone and get a free one, but it comes with fees if you want bigger capacity. stuart: they didn't give us numbers liz: no numbers yet, that's right. ashley: pre-orders, but sprint, to e-mack's point liz: indirect. ashley: sprint's orders were up 370% encouraging for apple. stuart: enough to get apple up a couple of bucks. 107. crossing as of this morning right now, wells fargo is going to eliminate all product sales
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goals january the 1st. encourages overzealous pursuit of bonuses. first of all, e-mack, tell me again what did they do? >> they set up more man 2 million phony banking accounts, and they have to give people, 2.6 million. stuart: that was to boost the bottom line and boost the bonuses. >> the bonuses of the workers. stuart: who got hurt? liz: the customers did, charged possibly credit card fees and five senators including elizabeth warren saying if you fire 5300 people and this took place over five years how come nobody knew about this and the financial protection bureau, other banks may have been doing it, too. stuart: there's a pr problem for wells fargo and that's the executive who is leaving with a small fortune. ashley: carrie is retiring and
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a parting gift. and the ceo of wells fargo called her a champion for our customers, and she was in charge when all of this stuff was going on. stuart: terrible liz: moody's is threatening with a downgrade. stuart: terrible pr. got it. where are we going to open? it's tuesday, all day as my mother would say. 150 on the dow, down 31 for the nasdaq. it's a down day 20 minutes from now. donald trump's firing right back at hillary after she calls his supporters racist, xenophobic, deplorables. he brought several supporters on stage and called him his nondeplorable people. and another hillary clinton e-mail hearing today on capitol hill. brian pagliano, the guy who set up the private server. his lawyers say he will not testify. might not even show up, how about that? a terror plot foiled in goe
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germany. they said they were sent into the country by isis to carry out an attack. next.
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>> watch out netflix investors. we've got a downgrade. there's increasing competition from amazon. down goes netflix, just a couple of bucks. the ceo of weight watchers is out. oprah will help with the new one. remember, oprah has a piece of the weight watchers company. now this, iran threatened to shoot down two navy spy planes in the persian gulf over the weekend. four-star general jack keane is here. >> good to be here. stuart: you said it's an empty threat, is it? >> there's no missiles in the area and we go through a process, if they were locked onto us, that would signal inside the aircraft. it's another threat by them.
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they know it's going to get news coverage and that's what this is about. everything they're doing there against us, the target audience is really the arab states there who are in the gulf. they want those states to know that they're the dominant power in the region after this nuke deal was done last year. stuart: what do you make of the nuke deal? we've got 55 days until a new president is elected, 55 days of a full presidency of president obama. what's the standing of this nuclear deal now? >> well, all of these things the iranians doing, have been so aggressive since the blit particulars test, what they've done in syria, iraq, and yemen, none of that was on the table in negotiations. in other words, the iranians behavior to dominate the region using their proxies as terrorists and also as fighters, was never part of the negotiation. 'cause they wouldn't stand for that. they said we're only talking about nuclear power, all we'll
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be discussing. we conceded to that, huge mistake on their part. it gives them a nuclear weapon in 15 years. the idea of the nuclear we will was to prevent iran from having a weapon ever. it permits them. stuart: what are we going to do now? we've got a new president on board. what will the new president have to do with the nuclear deal. >> the iranians will begin to cheat because they're not going to wait 15 years and that's the test of the new president, what action are we going to take when they cheat. and iran dominating the region, those two things are on the table. stuart: you're a four star general-- hold on there, general, i know you're not used to that. i've got an amazing story for you. a sniper, it's a sniper killed, basically, four isis murderers killed with one bullet. got that right? >> british sas member, the brits equivalent of the navy
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seals. almost a mile away. the isis had a flame thrower, about to burn alive hostages, and he took the shot and exploded it, killing him and jihadis next to him. and one shot from a mile away. stuart: see, general, that's the sas. >> i tell you what, hollywood doesn't script that. stuart: i know we're laughing about death and destruction, but the right guys got killed. >> the good guys won. stuart: right. but i didn't know that the british special forces were on the ground doing that kind of thing. >> yeah, they're on the ground doing that and we have our guys on ground. we call them direct action missions and what's not visible in the story is intelligence preparation that gets that team to that spot at that particular time to prevent that act from taking place. that is absolutely perfect intelligence liz: what were the terrorists going to do?
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slaughter a dozen people-- >> with a flame thrower liz: burn them alive. >> they've been going from village to village, killing scores of people doing this. stuart: hard to believe this. general, thank you very much. >> always good talking to you. stuart: we're obliged, sir. just crossing the wires. police arrested three syrian men, quote, sent to europe to carry out isis attacks. >> pre-dawn raid, police officers found three syrian men who entered the country via turkey to greece. 17 to 18 years old and may be connected to the same cell that killed 130 people in pariparis. they came in with watch this, four payments meaning thousands of dollars from isis to carry out the attacks. >> teenagers, fake passports. >> they were at raqqa syria.
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stuart: katie hopkins, a very frequent guest on this program. she visited, it's called the jungle. it's a migrant camp in calais, france. she has quite a shocking story to tell us about that and the wall that they're building to keep people out of the britain. donald trump bringing supporters on stage and tells hillary there's nothing deplorable about these people. more varney in a moment.
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. stuart:. you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic and you name it. stuart: i'm still mad about that. that's hillary calling trump's supporters, xenophobic as she said, you name it. >> these are not deplorable people. >> we are honored, my wife and i represent nondeplorable people. stuart: erin elmore is with us, she's right at the center of the trump campaign mere in new
9:24 am
york. erin, still with us. who idea was that? because i take my hat off to whoever organized that, a very, very short notice. it worked. >> brilliant. kelly anne conway and it gives me chills every time i see it. it's true. hillary clinton is making fun of the people who fight our wars and-- >> wait a second, you say carrie anne conway and the children they have a part in-- >> the kids are involved every step of the way. not only on the apprentice, but part of his business on day-to-day, so he really-- ivanka has his ear and all of the kids have his ear. stuart: there's two sides to the weekend story, the hillary illness trouble and the hillary insult of the previous day. now, i think trump took the high road on the illness situation. he could have exploited it. why didn't he. >> i think he knows better to
9:25 am
be honest, he's learned from the error of his way and hillary is digging her own grave right now and and the health crisis more than meets the eye. stuart: you don't know that. >> we don't know, they say it could be more than pneumonia and the fact that she avoided e.r. and went to her daughter's, it didn't become public, another red flag. stuart: erin elmore. thank you. olive garden, $100 all the pasta you can eat for one year liz: really? >> yes, dieter beware. do you know how many they are expected to sell this year? 21,000. ashley: a lot of pasta. stuart: and oil, we're swimming in the stuff, oversupplied for
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>> on friday, tdow was down nearly 400 points and now we're down 130 points. what's going on? please don't tell me it's all about the fed. i'll go crazy if you say that one more time and i know murphy is going to say it. we're off and running and us tuesday and we're down from the get-go. left-hand side of the screen, good overall representation from the market, all the red squares mean we're going down and we're off in the first 15 seconds. the s&p 500, where is that? that's up. what on earth is going on there? that's up. how did that happen? is that right? that's not right. can we get rid of that. that's not right. the nasdaq, maybe not. let's go with the price of oil, i will get that for sure. the price of oil right now is $45.36 there you have it. ashley: there you go. stuart: it's down 2%. more on that in a moment.
9:31 am
wells fargo, overzealous staffers were manipulating the system for their own gain. that's where they're opening retail accounts. okay? they were manipulating it and-- >> they were stealing. stuart: we've got more on that. look at twitter streaming its first live thursday night nfl game this week. the stock is down. apple, t-mobile says iphone 7 pre-orders are good. apple stock is up 2%, 107. one investment firm down grades netflix and says they're going to feel the heat from amazon. down it goes. netflix at 97. who is here? ashley, liz, tom horwitz, mike murphy, all of them. i'm going to start with oil. we're seeing oil stocks down, the price of oil down. is that hurting the market? todd horowitz to you first. >> no, i don't think it's hurting the market. i think that oil is going to 40. the market has found some price
9:32 am
volatility and wants to work its way lower. i think there's independent investment. oil has gone down and the market is going down. stuart: it's agreeing with the webster ratio. ashley: well done and thank you for that. and the change covering yesterday, a lot of traders were blaming algorithms for the 400 point drop, set not only into the numbers, but the words that fed officials say, x-number of words said in the same speech, sell. stuart: really? >> down 400 points. in the old days you may have had a big drop, but have people come back in and nibble more. >> humans stepping in, mispricing the market. ashley: the whole thing goes down, 400. comes back 200. stuart: is that what's going on. >> not an exact number, but roughly 60% of the daily volume on the new york stock exchange, or on all the exchanges is computerized trading liz: forget being a day trader.
9:33 am
>> remember the flash crashes that happened? when all of the algorithms or a bunch of algorithms are on one side, whatever it is. stuart: steve cortez, what do you make of this? how do you trade a market like this, or investigate a market like this what it's nothing about what the price of oil might do? it's all about algorithms? >> i don't think it's all about algorithms, but i concur. if we have a serious credit threat. things could get violent. this is one of the inuntended regulations of government, government when it regulates almost always does so poorly. the volcker rule has mostly taken the banks out of the market, of risk capital and keeping things more orderly and human oversite. i think that the volcker rule paradoxically has made the market much more dangerous. stuart: and the dow is at 18-1.
9:34 am
we've got to talk about wells fargo. they're eliminating product sales goals in retail banking. it starts january the 1st. they're trying to rebuild truck. e-mack, give us the story liz: there may be a hearing on this. how do 6300 workers who got fired do this over five years without management knowing about it? the bank refunded 2.6 million back to customers and paid more than 185 million dollars in fines. and also, moody's is threatening wells fargo with a downgrade. the stock is under pressure and the consumer financial protection bureau says they have 30,000 in the computers and this may be more widespread beyond wells fargo, other blanks might be doing it. stuart: mike, would you sell bank stocks because this thing might spread? >> i would sell wells fargo because this might spread. the people in the big banks haven't learned from the financial crisis, when you die
9:35 am
someone's pay directly to something, an incentive like getting into an account. someone there is going to try to game the system, increase their pay and that's what you have here. stuart: if you take incentives out of the system, you take a lot of the profit motive out of the system and your result another-- bob, go ahead, what are you going to say? >> well, i mean, why would they take away-- the banks are notorious for doing a lot of bad things. go to the j.p. morgan wells trad trade-- do you think that that's the first time they made the trade? they were happy to pay the $5 million. they're always doing things not quite to the rules, but as long as they keep taking the cash, they don't care until they get caught and they pay the fine. that's the thing to worry about is how they do business. stuart: dodd frank doesn't seem to be working in that area, does it? this is the low of the day. we're five and a half minutes into the session, we're down 167 now, 18,160.
9:36 am
listen to this, general motors says its new chevy bolt, that's with a "b", that's the all electric model, it can go if urt than a tesla model three on a single charge. gm is down, barely holding $30 a share. how about tesla, the electric car competition. oil is down, taking energy stocks with it. across the board you've got red arrows in the price of oil and in the oil stocks. another stock for you, weight watchers, its ceo has resigned, oprah winfrey who has got a chunk of the company, she's going to help select the successor. what's the story? >> i'll talk about the main story, oprah won't be the next ceo, in face anybody was wondering. oprah winfrey took 10%. and he's stepping down and they will have an interim ceo who will receive $30,000 a month in
9:37 am
order to turn the company around. they've faced competition with on-line, people can go on-line and do apps and the like and they also are a diet plan and a lot of people have moved to natural foods. they don't have as many members signing up and the like. they're facing an uphill battle. and oprah winfrey has a 10% stake basically says we think it's time and he agreed and he's out. and we'll see who takes over for the spot. stuart: i caught that $30,000 a month for the incoming ceo at weight watchers, any comment liz: oprah may be lowering the number of points she gets for eating bread. just >> weight watchers, because you have the internet. stuart: that means that oprah's investment might not turn out so well, i don't want to predict anything, maybe, but maybe not. the galaxy note seven crisis has cost samsung $14 billion. that's the value of the company
9:38 am
has come down by 14 billion. there is no stock at samsung that we can trade here in america. we can't quote a stock for you, but a loss of $14 billion. and how many cases is it in america? >> they're saying now 70, double what we previously thought around the world, i think 35. but, you know, the thing is what's happening, the airlines are also saying, don't bring the phone on, don't charge this, don't so-- stow it. and we have the story of the battery exploding. a guy in south carolina recently went to pick up his daughter and left his samsung to charge and came home and the house was in flames. stories like this. ashley: samsung says by the end of the month they may remotely deactivate every phone. they can do it. >> that's stunning. ashley: they can remotely deactivate liz: that's a big deal. stuart: how about twitter? they're going to stream the
9:39 am
first live thursday night nfl game this week. it's going to be on twitter. this one game. now, they make money out of this? >> they do. they actually got a good deal. and if you're interesting, they gotten games that they can stream, cbs feed on the mobile app and website. and 10 million for ten games, a million a game. it's an actual bargain. nfl could have gotten more money, but the nfl is definitely looking for new ways cutting the cord. abbing, you -- okay you've got the deal, twitter, how are you going to leverage it. are you going to sell big time video ads to make it worthwhile? and can you deliver on the actual event itself? could be a turning point. we'll see. stuart: and they want everyone to use these to watch football. >> everybody is using them already. if they get this right, there's massive upside for twitter stock, under pressure for a very long time. stuart: steve cortez, i want to
9:40 am
bring you back in. go. >> i think this is an important move for the nfl and i think they need to move here. people my age, i still sit and watch an entire three-hour nfl game. you talk to millennials, they don't do that right now. they watch only the nfl red zone on only clips. this digital generation that's coming up, they don't have the attention span, i think, to watch the entire game so i think it's smart of nfl. they'll show the entire game on nfl, but smarter ways to get their product in front of the next generation, it's not the old guy like me and-- >> they've got no attention span, be careful. my grandchildren are watching. [laughter] >> darden, that stock, remember, they are olive garden and now olive garden is hoping to sell $21,000 -- 21,000 unlimited pastas. producer calls an assault on his italian--
9:41 am
>> and when they did this last year, they used the passes an average of four times a week. stuart: what? >> going to olive garden. stuart: can you have a doggy bag? >> you have to eat in the restaurant. >> and pass the pasta, pass-- never got the pronounce right. it's pasta pass. thank you for participating in this extraordinary event this tuesday morning. thank you, one and all. 9:41 eastern time and look at this, the market's come back a little bit. we were down 150 and now down 107. it's another one of those yo-yo days, the algorithms kicking in, he asks? we'll keep on top of it. yet another hearing on capitol hill about hillary's e-mails. one of the congressmen at the hearing, i'm going to ask him, do this make any difference at all to this ongoing scandal? and a favorite guest of this program, columnist hopkins,
9:42 am
visited that refugee camp in calais. she was gassed. we have that exclusive story and the video next hour. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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remember here at ally,
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nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. >> all right. 15 minutes into the session and we are down 139 points. the most interesting stock today is apple. apple is up today in an otherwise down market. $3 higher. two stories for you there, pre-orders for the iphone 7 reportedly strong. plus, real trouble for the galaxy 7. they may withdraw the whole lot. up goes apple. jeff bezos chairman of amazon,
9:46 am
the space company blue origin has unveiled a giant new rocket to compete with spacex and elon musk. details liz: this thing is more than 31 stories high. longer than a football field. miss his plan, he wants to send people into space and orbit and maybe the end of the decade he plans to launch it, it's going to fly beyond the space station. it's the size of the saturn 5 that put apollo astronauts on the moon. he's happy about it and tweeting about it and taking on space in a big way. ashley: to the moon. stuart: is there a day when we don't have an amazon story? is there ever such a day? i don't think so. the house oversight committee holds a hearing and calling on tech experts involved with hillary's private server happening minutes from now. brian pagliano who set up the server may not testify. and a republican congressman
9:47 am
from arizona, welcome back to the program. >> good morning, stuart. stuart: now, if pagliano don't show up or doesn't say anything and takes the fifth, for example, where are you going with this? it seems like it's a case of absolutely going nowhere? >> well, not really, stuart because we want to give them the opportunity to explain their conduct and their behavior because congress has a due diligence here. in this e-mail scandal we've seen obstruction of justice, desecration of records and failure to preserve these records and an intention to do that and that's why you saw, you know, a letter sent by jason chaffetz, four chairman, to washington d.c. about that instance. we want to give them every opportunity to defend their actions, which are frankly indefensible. stuart: what we see happening, either he dsn't show up and his lawyers are saying, he shou shows up and takes the fifth, in which case we're going to be treat today a couple of hour's worth of him saying, i'm sorry,
9:48 am
i'm not going to say anything and you guys keep asking questions. i think there's a level of frustration here on the part of, many many voters who see these endless hearings and endless judicial hearings and legalisms and we can't get to the bottom of a mystery where aides used a hammer to beat up a cell phone. there's a level of frustration in the audience. >> well, there's a lot of frustration in congress here, too, stuart because when you have ms. clinton, you know, totally violating, intentionally violating everything she says, when she moves her lips, she lies. that's critical here. we're an equal branch and in order to understand and hold accountable you have to understand and unravel this mystery and that's why you see the fbi is getting definitely a black eye. yesterday we had, you know, unsecure briefing and then we were to go to a secure briefing room and the room hadn't been swept. so, you know, we were
9:49 am
frustrated again because we weren't able to get to some of the bottom of the questions. once again, it shows you there's a lack of law in this administration, whether it be the fbi director, the department of justice or the state department. stuart: it also shows the republicans can't do a thing about it. i'm sorry, sir, that's also what this-- there's a level of frustration not just with the administration and with hillary clinton's staff, it's with you guys as well. >> well, i mean, we're-- the one thing you've got to say for us, stuart, we're trying everything we possibly can to keep the heat on her, to at least get the information. if you're not fighting for it, you're never going to get that regardless and that tells you what the state of the law in this country actually is. and that's why it's so important to return to that law to hold people accountable for their actions. congressman, we'll be following it and you'll be on camera shortly. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. check the dow industrials, we're down 150 points, we're about 20-odd minutes into the trading session. sea of red for the dow 30.
9:50 am
donald trump is staying on message. he's going right after hillary clinton's deplorable comments. meanwhile, hillary resting at home. bill will appear in her place at a star-studded beverly hills fundraiser today. next, stars of the new discovery show deadliest catch, dungeon could he have. i'm asking to ask them what makes it so dangerous, it's obvious. roll tape. >> he find himself behind the wheel of the 50 foot. >> it's my first time i'm out of the gates for dungy, i haven't yet got to run a boat right out the gate. and you both work constantly... so you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them.
9:51 am
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a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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9:54 am
>> that's my dad. oh, he thinks i should have laid those pots down further south than what i'm doing right now, but i made the call. so he's running that show over there and i'm running this show over here. two different boats. two different fishing styles. stuart: oh, yes it is. that's a clip from discovery channel's newest spin-off, deadliest catch, dungeon cove. welcome to the program. the dungeon cove, right? is that a particularly
9:55 am
dangerous area? >> they call it the graveyard of the oregon coast, oregon and washington. it's a lot different than alaska thing. i've fished both places and it's a tough place. stuart: i'm laughing, kenny because the world is waiting for you to die. danger is what you're selling. >> it's dangerous, there are casualties particularly every year. stuart: dungeon cove claims lives. >> we had two boats go down and four guys died this year and that's real, as real as it gets. stuart: i'm sorry, i'll pull that back, i don't mean to make a joke about the danger you face. you're a brave guy facing significant danger. >> it's the reality of it. we know the dangers involved and we accept them. you know, it's just, gamble, but it pays off. stuart: the first episode airs
9:56 am
tonight, i think, discovery channel 9:00 tonight. >> right. stuart: that's correct. >> right. stuart: this is a financial program so i'll ask you a financial question. do you make more money from television and that series or crab. >> no, i make more for fishing crabs. stuart: how much do you get from each dungeonness crab. >> it varies, 2.85 a pound and-- how heavy are they? >> about two pounds. stuart: 5 to 6, 7 bucks. how many crabs can you bring in one netload. >> your boat holds about 23,000 crabs. stuart: what that-- wait a second, if you can fill it, you're pulling in $50,000 a trip. >> my first trip on the western breeze was about 45,000 pounds, i think. stuart: and you're going on television? [laughter] >> that's terrific. a brave guy and we appreciate you being on the show.
9:57 am
i've got to tell everybody again. discovery channel 9:00 tonight, first episode of, what's the name of it. >> "deadliest catch dungeon cove". stuart: i'll be there. thanks so much. coming up the top of the hour, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. lawyers for the worker to set up the private server says he may not testify at all. we'll find out moments from now and daily mail journalist, she says she was gassed when she visited that camp. hour two of varney coming up for you. still paying for your home when you should be enjoying your retirement? if you've paid off at least 50% of your mortgage and you're 62 or older, a reverse mortgage might be the answer.
9:58 am
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9:59 am
about to happen right now holding a hearing on hillary e-mails. her i.t. guy brian has been subpoenaed and is expected to plead the fifth. there's some doubt as to whether he shows up at all. i can't see him on the witness
10:00 am
stand there. give me detail on pagliano. >> at the chappaqua home he was under questioning from the fbi and did talk to the fbi but was granted immunity and did want to plead the fifth because he didn't want to, obviously, incriminate himself. by the way two other officials that are being -- subpoenaed in this. these were the security companies that monitored the server for any potential hacks. i didn't realize that the server itself when hillary clinton will have the office, it was moved to a location in northern new jersey. so the question is, who was overseeing it while it was there. with all of this information on it? were these the two security reps from companies asked to testify. >> and there ty are and i wontedder if they'll answer any questions or plead that -- not a lawyer as we know. katy is with us. welcome to the program. >> good morning. >> you know a lot of us another
10:01 am
exercise in frustration because if these guys, witnesses just stand up either they don't show or plead the fifth, no one gets any answers and same old same old as they run out the clock to the election. are you feeling this frustration in d.c. too? >> of course. and i'm sure that americans all over the country feel the frustration. i can't tell you how many people i talk to in airports around the country when i travel, my neighbors say i can't believe that hillary clinton has gotten away with it and specifically today when you look at the fact that -- pg pagliano got immunity and serve every got immunity they should be talking to congress about this so it doesn't happen again. and it shows really how loyal they are to the clinton -- to the clinton foundation, to clinton during her tenure at the state department. and once again shows that there's a double standard between who works for clinton, clinton herself and america.
10:02 am
stuart: army of lawyers on both sides argue minute legalistic principle meanwhile we with the voters can't get to the bottom of this thing. i do -- kid you i find it astonishing that we have reports it that aids used hammers to smash a cell phone and we still can't find out who ordered the smashing. we haven't found out the name of the one who did smashing and haven't seen anybody held accountable for this. >> so many unanswered questions so despite having multiple hearings, and all of this new information we just recently learned that 13 devices let's not forget that hillary said she had one were smashed with hammers. we saw that least bit used to wipe clean hillary clinton' e-mail archive after a subpoena was issued to preserve her records. so congress has a lot of work to do not politically but just in terms of gotting their job done and making sure that they try to at least hold people accountable for destroying evidence that doesn't belong to hillary
10:03 am
clinton. but just belongs to the american people, public records, and to make sure that people are held accountable for objecting justice and on the oversight committee justice department made a bad deal when they gave immunity to some of the witnesses who were testifying today because they're the one who is actually engaged in most egregious behavior in wiping server clean. and so today we what are if from justin cooper who is one who smashed hammer -- the device and ham or according to the fbi document pep and supposed to hear from the plat river employee who wipes the server cleaver after the subpoena was issued. so they're now going to be more questions about what happened and unfortunately ting that we'll be hearing them plead the fifth in a couple of minutes. i hope had that i'm wrong. >> 20 seconds i don't expect to get to the bottom of this before the election. do you you? >> i don't think so, every time we get nor information more questions come up rather than answers unfortunately and that's what the clintons are trying to do is run out the clock and
10:04 am
create distractions away that ham hadders were used to object justice and to destroy evidence that belongs to the american people. >> by the way, i have not -- not had a clear view of the witness stand and i can't tell whether he's turned up or not. there are three people -- >> it was political. right. stuart: political i don't think he's there. katy thank you very much for joining us as always also with us this morning fox news security national analyst katy mcfarr lands i want to get away from all of the legalisms because i don't necessarily understand it. >> note meant to. [laughter] >> you're right. i want to get right to my point which is -- this is the question of judgment. why is it that a former senator, a former first lady, someone running for the president of the united states goes and starts up a private server? where's the judgment here? >> you know, the interesting thing about what you just mentioned, nobody has asked her
10:05 am
the question under oath why did she do this? why did you set up a separate server? what are you trying to do and keep out of the eyes of the government, out of the eyes of the freedom of information as request that might have come after you had your position of secretary of state. nobody asked her that. it wasn't just about keeping her yoga schedule private. >> i think she was asked but not under oath this was back in the early days -- when she said she didn't want a lot of confusion. that's why she only had two devices. and wanted to keep it simple. well, obviously, that wasn't true because she had 13 devices. but i think you agree with me. that it is a question of judgment. not legalistic -- juggling here, it's judgment. >> she knew she was going to get in trouble for that. so i think that reason they did it from the very beginning a play to play scheme they did not want anybody. foundation to the state department decision. they didn't want to see what went into the foundation. what came out of the state department. but your question about judgment
10:06 am
is not just ethical judgment. i think it's false substantive judgment. you know, she says vote for me. i have the most experience i've had every major job there is. i know the world leaders i know how to be president of the united states and commander in chief. i look down that list of all of the decision ises that she was involved with, many of which she was the primary mover of. they were all complete disasters. >> give me a couple. >> so iraq decision to go into iraq by president bush all in favor of it. but even now she said that was a mistake we shouldn't have gone into iraq yet also endorsed president obama's decision to get out of iraq. well that's what led to the rise of isis and vacuum of our absence and decision to go into libya. well that's jihadi chaos u now and place where all of the jihadi group are setting up shop and that's why benghazi happened so decision surrounding benghazi is why did they not answer the request for additional security before? why did she look at the eyes of the grieving family members after the bodies were brought
10:07 am
back and say well it wasn't my fault it was the video inside of the writers not terrorists. reset with russia. even going back to the north korean decision. bill clinton was the one that had original agreements with north korea about nuclear program she endorsed those at the time age craziest people on the planet with hands on nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them to the united states. >> you have a long ligs. do we need to listen in justin briefly -- we're going to listen in to hearing for just one minute. listen in katy. >> the emergency hearing about about secretary clinton's e-mails in four business days. in four days, emergency. i believe this committee is abusing taxpayer dollars and the authority of congress in astonishing onslot of political attacks to damage secretary
10:08 am
clinton's campaign for president of the united states of america. this is the first time in my 20 years in congress that i personally witnessed the oversight power of this committee abused it in such a transparently, political manner to directly influence a presidential campaign. it is one of today's hearing is to investigate baseless republican accusations, secretary clinton ordered instruction of e-mails to seal them from investigators. the most important fact for today's hearing is that the fbi already investigated these accusations and thoroughly debunk them. they interviewed witnesses, examined forensic evidence, and
10:09 am
concluded that these accusations and no merit. fbi director koasmmy stated and i quote we found no evidence that any of the additional rk relgted e-mails were deleted in an effort toen -- to conceal them end of quote. he went on to say -- >> that is cummings who is saying that whole exercise today and the past is pure politics. designed to interfere with hillary clinton's passage in her campaign. any comment is it all just politics? >> you know, every time there's something that is accused of being plain politics. oh, clinton foundation just plain politics. oh e-mail scandal, server scamedz just plain politics i don't think so not at this point. if too many piles of oh it's just politics are piling up to
10:10 am
have that any credibility. >> by the way mr. pagliano is not there and did not show up because his lawyer said it is all political therefore it doesn't have to show up therefore he's not there. therefore we're not going to find out why he set up the private sector and you told him to. >> which is intent. which is katy says why put it there. by the way using bleach to wipe out more than 30,000 e-mails after a subpoena to preserve them, we don't know if those e-mails have to do with clinton foundation or whatever. you know cummings detail it is didn't note here is that comey said 110 e-mails that classified information in them and a reasonable person should have known they were classified and would have been sanctioned or o fired -- >> lost in the detail. >> endless detail of this e-mail, that e-mail. that yoga -- you know everybody is confused by it. completely so. i have to draw everybody's attention to the stock market now done 200 points. what a yo-yo market we've got.
10:11 am
down nearly 400 friday. u up 200 yesterday. down 200 this morning. the price of oil is way down as well. and still all of this speculation about the federal reserve do we get a rate hike this year or not? now we're down exactly 200 points. couple of individual stocks, netflix downgraded the firm says content is expensive. amazon is a threat enough to take it down $2. weight watchers in the news its ceo is out, oprah will help pick a new one. stock is at 10 close to where oprah bought her 10% stake. she does that's actually right got a 10% stake. now under water on where she bought it? >> got into that nicely when she was brought in with that but in free fall down 54% stock valid this year and last month reported its first loss. part of the problem with weight watchers normally the programs
10:12 am
is that there are plethora of free apps out there that were really helping you with weight loss and a weight loss programs and websites that's really eating into companies like weight watchers knew tray system -- >> that internet is destroyer. weight watchersed good lord. now we're down 192 and have more on hearing in a moment, and we're going to tell you how a british sniper took out four isis terrorists. we have one bullet. back in a moment. >> fbi provided us with results --
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> you're looking live at capitol hill, the hears is underway they're looking at hillary's i mail scandal keeping an eye on it for you. brian path plan know man subpoenaed to appear, the man who set up hillary's private server system did not show up today his lawyers say along with mr. cummings who is speaking now
10:16 am
is all political therefore my client mr. pagliano is not going to show up, and he didn't. majority develops fireworks there. dow jones industrial there close on 200 points a bit of a yo-yo market here. we're told thatting gore risms are playing a part in this up and down market. the price of oil low down significantly. barely holding $45 per barrel. the real stock of the day, though, here's the interest. it's apple only u dow stock that is actually moving higher and we have a couple of reasons on this. ash what's going on? >> don't forget apple said they were going to release first weekend preorder sales date that actually knocked knocked that sn saying it can't be confident because that's something you would like to talk about. however, t-mobile says preorder for apple iphone 7 and 7 plus are the highest in the carrier history so they're doing it for apple also sprint saying that compared to last year that apple preorders are up 375%.
10:17 am
so in other words the iphone 7 and 7 plus appear preorder is strong. also on heals of the samsung galaxy note 7 exploding an nightmare that samsung has with that particular phone. >> stock of the day. apple is doing well. meanwhile there's a dramatic new story about her sniper kill. we brought you this before but we thought you might look it again. four isis fighters killed with one bullet. >> from almost a mile away. situation was isis executioner who liked to use a flame thrower to burn people alive. he had 12 hostages was about to set them alight when the sniper managed to hit the gas tank that was on his back. blew him up and killed the three jihadi standing next to him. one bullet, four of the bad guys killed truely remarkable. >> british sniper right? >> yes. so earlier i said equivalent of navy s.e.a.l. and they said oh,
10:18 am
it would be more delta force because one is navy and one is it shall i apologize for that. >> still here knows thing or two about this. stuart: delta force. >> look at the good day when you -- have to take four out it's a better day. j i i didn't know brits were dog this that was a 50 caliber rifle that he used to decipher a mile away. >> stay there. >> good guys get one in. >> if i said that accused of blood testing which i am, of course. katy stay there. another one for you. iran threatened to shoot u down two navy spy planes in the gulf that was over the weekend. what's the significance of this? >> look we gave everything we gave iran everything. so what are they doing? they're taking their ship and going around ours talking threaten of the shoot down and shooting down international air space that's act of war.
10:19 am
if they were to do it that's act of war. international air space and shoot a plane somebody's else ship out that is act of war. >> so that's a ratcheting up a bit. not only rhetoric. stuart: 55 days to go before we get to elect a new president -- [inaudible] look at that hearing again. jason is u now speaking. he invited bryan pagliano to appear, he has not appeared. let's listen in they're going at each other. >> saying that our committee might go into a session to accept his fifth amendment. >> i did not say that. >> what did you say? >> i want this committee to be open and transparent. we do things as everything we can possibly do out in the open. that is the american way. that's the way this committee is going to be run. >> gentleman yield. >> my understanding that mr. pagliano is -- lawyer sent a letter saying that they felt that this was abusive
10:20 am
process. and nothing but to embarrass him and he said that if he wanted to go into -- [inaudible] i want the committee to have the full breath of what happened here. he said he would be happy to appear. and so is there -- so i take it that consultation that you're going to do is going to go into whether or not o we're going to give immunity or executive session, and when might we expect that decision? >> well, he made the decision not to be here, and there are consequences for that. again, the integrity of the house of representatives this is not an optional activity. you don't get to say hey, decided noted to that so look at the full range of options. but if anybody is under any illusion that i'll let go of this and let it sail into the sunset it is ill advised. >> your letter --
10:21 am
dated september 12th to mark duane and in this letter it said i quote many requires mr. pagliano's appearance because among other reasons the possibility that he will waive or choose not to assert privilege as to some or all questions. the possibility that the committee will agree to hear his testimony in executive session -- >> what you just saw is what we've been talking about all day. stuart: that was example of classic legalistic rambling. of legalistic points as to why mr. pagliano is either not there, should be subpoenaed to be there, has been subpoenaed and is not there, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. get nowhere are. absolutely nowhere. >> round in circles. the man who set up hillary's private server and we would like to know congress and voters would like to know who told you to set it up an what
10:22 am
circumstances did you set it up and this control of it when it was moved to northern new jersey? >> also national security issues because -- hack whatting -- so we have the dnc hack, clinton foundation hack that is serious. >> serious stuff by the way very serious stuff on the market too. now we're down another 200 points that is the session low. 81 is where we are, oil is way down that's part of it. algorithms kicking in internlg to the market we're down 206 and we will be back. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
10:23 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> governor mike pence donald trump vice presidential pick he's talking, looks like just leaving now. he's been talking with i'm going to say mainstream republicans. presumably trying to pull those
10:26 am
people, more into the trump fold. any news on this? >> meeting with the house republicans doing exactly that and as you can see mike pence there with house speaker paul ryan, talking to some reporters there sure they're going to say okay did you manage to change some minds and what reaction have you had? >> what -- what mr. pence wants to see is paul ryan speaker paul ryan say yes that would be key. let's get together to do this thing a more energetic and -- more unified thank you. >> that's what they're looking for here. >> talking about deplorl. listen in for a second. >> ire redeemable. wee not american. frankly -- never heard a major candidate speaking about the american people with such content. i mean, i'm out on the campaign trail every day. i'm campaigning with donald trump and for donald trump.
10:27 am
and what hillary clinton apparently doesn't know is that he people that are supporting this campaign are hardworking americans. who come out to our rallies, come out to our town hall and stop us in diners who visit with us at -- at meet physician at factories. they are people that work with their hands. they're people that run businesses. they're veterans members of the armed forces. their law enforcement officers, mom, dad, with farmers, for hillary clinton to express such disdain for millions of americans, i think it's one more reason that disqualifies her to serve in highest office in the land. anyone who has that low an opinion of the american people should never serve as president of the united states of america. as i said this weekend pill say it again. that donald trump supporters are not basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve the respect of the democrat nominee for president of the united states.
10:28 am
if donald trump i said his ambition is to be president of all of the people of the united states of america. and he said this weekend and we believe from our hearts. even those who do not support us. even those who are critical of us or have strongly different views have our respect because they are americans and we respect their right to their views, and it would be highest honor of our life to serve them. now, with regard to your question -- i would tell you i was asked yesterday once again for all of the world i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. i mean, donald trump and i have denounced david duke reare repeatedly they said we do not want his supports an people who think like him. and yesterday i was asked a question about that. i repeated that again.
10:29 am
the simple fact is that i'm not in the name calling business. my colleague in the house of representatives know that i -- i believe this civility is essential in a vibrant democracy and it is never been my practice. but i'm also not going to validate the language that hillary clinton used to describe the american people. and look, millions of americans know -- frankly you all know hillary clinton wasn't talking about that bad man but talking about people all across this country who are coming out in record numbers to stand by donald trump and to stand with him in his vision to make america great again. so we'll call on her again. to apologize and retract her comments. i mean, the only thing she said so far she was wrong about the math i guess. and she sorry she said half. the truth of the matter is her remarks were deeply insulting to
10:30 am
sincere people all across this country who know we couldn't do better or be stronger. and we call on hillary clinton and her campaign once again to fully retract those offensive statements and apologize to the american people as she should. >> governor, do you have any concerns that -- [inaudible] >> what you just saw was governor mike pence responding to hillary clinton's speech over the weekend where she culled a whole bunch of millions, millions of americans deplorable that's what she said. mike pence was responding to that. he was basically saying america has been insulted by the democrat presidential candidate. what do you make of it? >> also, seen and asked mike pence do you say david duke is in deplorable and mike pence responded i'm not in the business of name calling. so basically hillary clinton's campaign did say david duke and
10:31 am
white supremacist that's what hillary clinton meant they're in balance. >> but look what he's trying to do there ash is surely to bring a more unity in the republican party. >> absolutely. got speaker ryan next to him. >> he met with ryan aparticipantly in a private session before the big meet he met with over 200 house republicans and pitch was simple. you know, give us your input. how can can we get you behind trump. how can we make sure that hillary clinton doesn't get into the oval office. those are still skeptics out there we know that among gdp. >> they're trying to do it. stuart: you may remember that yesterday on this program, i almost lost my temper with one of our guests. because it shall of what had hillary clinton -- i did lose my temper, i did, i apologize for that. aisle very sorry about it. but i felt absolutely insulted by my family insulted by hillary clinton's comment. i have a multiracial
10:32 am
multireligious multiethnic family, and i don't like being call thed a racist and bigot and homophobe i don't like it. but i do apologize for losing my temper. okay. back to the hearings please. lawmakers holding that hearing on hillary's e-mail all of the people on witness stand are pleading the fifth. listen in please. >> released a portion of august 19 2015 between two employees he's what it read, quote, wondering u how we can sneak an e-mail in now after the fact asking them we meaning to be clinton executive corporation foundation when they told us to cut backups to have them confirm it for our records starting to think this whole thing is really covering up some shady and there's an expletive there. i think if we have it in writing that they told us to cut backups then we can go public with our statement saying we've had backups since day one.
10:33 am
then we were told that trim to 30 days would makes look a whole lot better been as i said it wasn't of the two employees assigned in clinton account. did you send or receive this e-mail? >> advice of counsel i respect decline to answer this. >> you wrote on august 15 to an ploaf a third party backup firm call thed dato -- this is what it said. ,quote, we're trying to tighten down every possible security angle on this customer. it occurs to us that anyone at prn with access to the data partner i.e. everyone here can access this device via remote feature. with we have two factor or move this device to separate parter in account or some other method to allow only who we permit on our end to access this device
10:34 am
via the internet and quote if i want e-mail correctly every single employee at prn could have access some of the most highly classified national security information that has ever been breeched at state department. can you prove that no other individuals access this da it or even passed it on to someone else. >> advice of counsel i respectfully refuse to answer and assert my fifth amendment privilege. >> one last one here you're an i.t. guy paid by clintons generally don't release -- don't rerace client e-mails unless they're told to do so. so who told you to delete the e-mails? >> advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifth amendment privilege. >> mr. cummings do you have any questions? >> do you all plan to continue to assert?
10:35 am
[inaudible] do you plan to continue to assert your fifth amendment right it is? is that your plan? is that your plan? >> my advice of counsel i respectfully refuse to answer an assert my fifth amendment privilege. >> you -- [inaudible] >> on advice of common i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifth amendment. >> i'm not going to have any questions since it is clear that you're going to -- you're taking the fifth on it. but i can understand why you're doing what you're doing. we've had a case here before with answering a question or two. we then ended up in all kinds of litigation believe it or not you waived as a result. i have nothing further. and i do know that ethics
10:36 am
opinion that addresses the abusive witness trying to take their fifth amendment privilege as a lawyer, i'm not going to be a part of that process. >> mr. kombata given that you have indicated that you do not intend to answer questions out of respect of your constitutional rights we will now excuse you from the table. >> okay. >> is mr. kombata now leaving hearing room and he's been excused. he's from plat river organization they basically handled deletion of hillary clinton's e-mail messages i believe that handled the bleach bit the deletion forever system of getting rid of an e-mail forever and ever. you'll never get it back. he refuse to answer any question at all and pleaded fifth. is this all mr. speakers? or is there a more rational and
10:37 am
more -- objective goal involved here? that's the argument that's going on right now. so far we have learned absolutely nothing. congress republican national committee alexandra smith is here and i want the perspective of younger people, republicans that's who you are. my point would be young folks, students this goes completely over their heads. nobody is following the ma judicial battle nobody is following that. are they? >> not following the become an forth i think that you can see the general debate is weighing heavily on hillary clinton poll numbers with young voters which she needs to capture in order to to win in november. j can you say that octavely for sure? you know this? >> if you look at the poll numbers right now, hillary clinton support with younger voters, under age of 30 hover somewhere around 50%. president obama had a hicks
10:38 am
victory with young voters in 2012 capturing 66% of the vote. the youth so powerful in 2012 that it reverse decision that rest of the country made so had it not been for young voters mitt romney would be our president today. >> let me recap today vote young people under 30 -- are leaning towards hillary clinton by about 50%. >> yes. she gets roughly half of the under 30 vote. does that mean -- >> yes. okay less than that? or more than that? >> in some polls. especially when you break into a four-way race and include third party candidate. >> i would have thought that hillary would do better because she's offering degree of student loan forgiveness i think. or that's what she's hingting and free college if your mom and dad earn up to $125,000 that would appeal to young people and i would have thought her standing would have been higher. >> well student loans an higher education are absolutely important issues for young
10:39 am
voters an they actively want to hear plans from republicans on those issues. however, if you ask young voters about free college contrary to belief they don't believe that's something that government can deliver on because they've never seen government work for them in their lifetime at obama care young people are paying fines on tax day because they can't afford health care. so they're saying this is same smg to administer student loan program. this is not going to work but a nice idea in their heads but practical matter they don't feel it is going to work. but main issue with young people and what is keeping her down in polls is trust. and i think that it's really, you know -- a scandal like this within that speaks two americas one sets of rules with foreign contribute are tore and rich people and all of us. >> stay there please we have more for you. peter is with us. tenured economics professor from university of maryland we say ten you are because his job is in danger without it. professor welcome to the program. i think you just heard what alexandra was saying about the
10:40 am
standing of hillary clinton in the polls. among young people 30 and under -- you're a college professor. what say you about support for hillary clinton with younger people under 30? >> young people are very pragmatic, and they are looking for solutions as she's described. however, there are also somewhat idealistic. they have much further developed use of feminism than you or i and wives and sisters do. and i think that hillary standing greatly diminished and cause them not to want to vote for her but not sure if they'll rush to donald trump. his solutions are general and he's got all of the things that he said. you know, when young people -- don't like what they hear in politics, they tend to sit down. and ting that what's happened in the last few weeks is beginning to be more incline to the lower turnout in that group than it is to cause a great shift of additional voters from -- from clinton to trump. trump has to do something else
10:41 am
to make it happen potential >> i have 30 seconds for this. "new york times" saying household incomes rose sharply in 2015 after years of stagnation. medium household income 56,500. that's from the census department. quick comment please i have to go to a break but quick comment? >> we usually get this sort of thing as late in the cycle. the real question is how does it compare to twerch and 2008? how does it compare to 2000? >> i don't know that. i've just got this bulletin in here. but -- >> expect this sort of thing late in the cycle. >> okay more on this later. i have to take commercial break dow is down 185. we will be back in a moment. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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10:44 am
it changes everything. >> a very liberal idea. >> it is. that's what they have in europe for heavens sakes. >> this is the big way to do that. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine,
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> now you're looking at capitol
10:46 am
hill, with that gentleman is mr. cooper there justin cooper, he is one of the clinton aids who we believe smashed one of the cell phones. he is being questioned and he's not pleaded the fifth. okay. now we're monitoring this. going to pied out a lot more about what he actually did and who told him to do it we're monitoring it and bring it to you when that development occurs. moon while we're going to take it to europe where there's a 13 foot high concrete wall that is being built in northern france is to keep migrants from getting into britain. columnist katy hopkins went to sew that wall. she was gassed. watch this. >> so seeing a pileup of trucks. the guy running tries to get on the track and we're following them now. they have a short wind to try to get on the track. a lot of shouting, calling to get through, and trying to go before police come and stop them. >> we didn't show you the
10:47 am
gassing attack right there but katy getting up that wall and katy hopkins joins us now from london. katy what happened. i mean, we didn't see you getting gassed there. tell us the story. >> no, i think it was a enjoyment of people here in the u.k. watching me get gassed. i think a lot of people thought it something that i deserved for a very long time. but i went over to caillat i wanted to see what truth was like it be that for somebody normal on the ground. just a regular mom with three kids and i wanted to see it for myself. i went in looking for good. you know, i went in to see the unaccompanied miners we'll be accepting here in the u.k. some 700 of them could be coming our way and within 20 minutes of being in that jungle, we were with tear gas by police trying to keep migrants become and trying to break through the security fence. my camera man was separated from me. his phone was taken. his wallet, he ended up being
10:48 am
thrown in the back of the transit van in the dark, and smuggled out to camp for our safety so i would say my initial reports were that the jungle can be quite a frightening place to be. >> so your report was really all about that encampment, the response of the migrants, what had the police were with doing, and why the wall was being built. now, has the wall been built yet or is it being built as we speak? what's the situation? >> it's a couple of very large fences at the moment and the idea is to replace these huge fences which look inpenetrable but migrants got through those in a matter of moments to replace those with a wall. i went there really to see u how dangerous it is for truckers driving their trucks to and from caillat. i spent two days and two nights in the truck of a cab with a gentleman named slrks lad interesting experience interesting for truckers because they have migrantses trying to get only trucks and very dangerous because they get
10:49 am
caught up in wheels and so forth. but the idea is to build the wall. the idea is to move the example at caillat but feelings are it doesn't matter where you move that camp you have the same problem because those guys are headed towards britain. they are coming to the u.k. >> real fast katy there's an article in "the washington post" in america today by prominent economist who says build the wall on the mexican border here, because it's the only way to get a rational immigration policy in the united states. it's the same argument being used in britain about the wall in france? >> yeah, with absolutely. i think walls you know we've got more walls than we ever had since the cold war. and i think there's something concrete about that people want to see a physical presence of a border because our borders have become so pore an i think that wall will deliver. >> katy hopkins on front line of the migrant crisis in europe and
10:50 am
thank you very much for that report. we appreciate it. >> thank you. quick check of the market down 200 points. price of oil is down significantly. we have apple as only winner amongst dow 30 stocks, 29 down. one stock apple on the upside 108 on apple right now. why? because we're hearing that t-mobile for example, says iphone sales, 7 sales advance sales are very strong. we'll be back. ♪ beforeit was an idea.dicine, an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights,
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> this is a financial program so i'm going to ask you a financial question. you make more money from television and that series -- or -- >> i have to make a living -- >> how much you get for each crab, that crab that comes up? >> it varies year from year. stuart: ballpark? >> 285 a pound. >> how heavy is an individual crab? >> weigh about two pounds. stuart: 5 to 6 per crab. how many crabs can you bring up in one -- net load or one fishing expedition? >> your boats holds about 23,000 crabs. 23,000 crabs. >> and -- wait a second if you can fill it, you're pulling in 50,000 dollars a trip. >> first trip on western breeze
10:55 am
was about 45,000 pounds i think. >> you go on television. that's terrific. you're brave guys we appreciate you being on this show. i have to tell everybody again, discovery channel 9:00 tonight first episode of what's had the name of it -- "deadliest dungeon cove" brave indeed right now our producer christine filling in stew own what's coming up at the top of the hour. and here's what we have. judge napolitano has new information on e-mails one senator has seen unclassified one and earth shattering and now calling for a backup plan incase hillary needs to drop out.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
stuart: you are looking at the
10:59 am
hearing on capitol hill, looking at hillary's e-mail server i'm asking of questions that people attempting to do do with the server. so far today we've seen a no-show from brand badly on. he is the man who set up the server in the first place. i don't know whether he was subpoenaed or not, but he did not show what appeared he was subpoenaed i am told. he did not show up. is legalistic wrangling. why or why not. that is the wrangle that has been going on all morning. then they turned to the judge to listen the supply of river people. they are the ones who did the deletion of the e-mails. he took the fifth, would not answer any questions. now we have before us mr. justin cooper. he's the gentleman i am told smashed at least one of the felons to get rid of the e-mails contained on that phone.
11:00 am
he has been questioned and he is asking questions. he did not take the fifth. he went right out there and is answering questions. this is part of what mr. cooper had to say. roll tape. >> did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no, i did not have security clearance. >> when did you lose the white house? >> 2001. the >> did you have a security clearance at any level? >> i did not have security clearance. >> did you have full access to the server the whole time you're working for the clintons? >> yes, ands to it. >> i've no security clearance. stuart: that is the gist of it. sounds like something wrong to me. masaaki and then of brass. that is a revelation. if you've got all of this stuff going through the server and a guy with no security clearance
11:01 am
whatsoever, you've got a problem. but he did not take the fifth. he is answering those questions. there is another story going on. we'll keep you in touch with what is going on capitol hill. the stock market down 209 points in the dow industrials as we speak. that puts us back to 18.1. a volatile 30 days of trading. come on in, peter kiernan, author of the book american no-show. friday down nearly 400. monday coming yesterday at 230. this morning.210. tell us what's going on. >> we were complaining about no volatility in the market. volatility went up 40% in a single day. we are talking about a seachange in the seachange is important. what happened in a nutshell is this that has turned into a
11:02 am
debating society. the problem is who is the real opinion that matters? these are bright articulate intelligent people. one opinion matters. at his chin a gallon. this is quite an omelette. you have the in there. one of the things people keep looking for is the supply demand balance. the trouble is one word is keeping us from achieving it, dad of the country said far too much money so they have to pump, pump to pay down debt. the producers in the united states have borrowed heavily. they have to pay the bank. every time things start to come into balance, they produce more. so we have too much supply in too little demand, initial problem. it's very hard for these two lines across. >> oil at $44 a barrel is a problem for the stock market. >> we have a lot of producers. we are now saudi america. we produced as much as anybody
11:03 am
else that matters. stuart: ashley, breaking news on monsanto. ashley: charlie on this one. it says that monsanto doing due diligence on the buyer deal we have been talking about. within the next 48 hours. there you go. tree in two is down 106. >> deals of 127.5. a long way away from 127. the market not commit yet this is the deal. stuart: back to oil. suppose oil went to $39 a barrel. stay there for a couple days. what happens to the stock market? >> stock market right now is way too focused on oil and materials. they are using it as a proxy for worldwide growth. what is driving this down is the demand pieces because china and the emerging market are starting
11:04 am
to take their demand down. the trouble is if you've got a big bill to pay and many of these nations do, they are not going to stop pumping because there's a little less demand. stuart: oil is as important as the federal reserve. friday we had kim jong moon should in all kinds of ballistic missiles, but today it is these twin towers. it is time by the way for gm at yellen to leave. stuart: god appeared peters stay there. at that hearing on capitol hill, justin cooper is still answering questions. demand your screen right now is charles heard. you are on right now. i want to talk about these hearings. it seems to me there's not a lot of legalistic raining, backwards and forwards c eand inertia of
11:05 am
legal points one way and the other. the audience, we the people, the voters have not been enlightened by any of this. we haven't gotten to the bottom of it. i suspect that it's all going over the tops of voters has been voters has, that it's not indicative for hillary at this point. >> i don't know if it's not a negative. i do think it be under current but the clintons have had to deal with all year, where all the shenanigans for the past 25 years have been sort of coming back to bite them. you are right. there was no video of her collapse in with the e-mails. but it's the background noise. my question is he has been given prosecutorial immunity and then he takes the faith. was he running a brothel out of the state department? what do you have to do? how bad is it if you were given immunity? i'm not a lawyer but i don't
11:06 am
understand that. stuart: he didn't show up. his lawyers say it's all politics and we don't have to show up for that, so it didn't show up. >> one of the things i find appalling right now is democrats are making that claim as well. they say it is all politics. these are serious issues then this is the way congress has completely neutered dog in the past 10, 15 years. they've given away all of their authority. democrats and republicans should be unified in trying to get to the bottom of this, but they are not. that is why politicians have a lower favorability rating in america than i think even journalists. stuart: don't say that, please. you want to be a regular on this show? one thing we did learn from the gentleman, mr. cooper learned moments ago.
11:07 am
he did have full access to hillary's private server, but he has no security clearance. hold on a second. liz: 2100 e-mails had classified information. 110 e-mails reclassified. 2100 total. 22 of them top-secret. stuart: he had access to the no security clearance whatsoever. what to make of that? >> something very important has happened in the last couple weeks. coming out of the democratic convention. the debate was whether about whether or not donald trump is said to be president and the entire theme of the debate was so i'll trump was not fit to be president. we've crossed a threshold. that question has not been asked about him right now. it's been asked about her. this goes to the heart of whether she's fit to be president and whether it's her collapsing or having a coughing fit and what we find about total utter disregard for national security. it raises serious questions
11:08 am
about whether she's fit to be president. if hillary clinton fit to be president? increasingly the answer appears to be now. stuart: give us a plan to hillary clinton's campaign followed the week in what she called many people deplorable with all kinds of names to describe america implement collapsed in the medical incident on sunday morning. give us a state of play of the hillary clinton campaign right now. >> to knees buckle and collapse is a perfect metaphor for a campaign right now. think about what she's done. she's basically handed donald trump all of these lines. something is wrong with her. we don't know what it is, but i sure hope she gets better. in that timen the basket that irredeemable deplorable is, all of that makes them look like a decent guy and looks very presidential.
11:09 am
it hurts her further. so i think it is dramatically turned. i don't know how she changes the trajectory at this point unless something dramatic -- unless donald trump says something dramatically at the debate. stuart: charles commented them out for being with us. i want to turn t peter for a sacking. you are the market guy. the dow was down 223 points. you said it is a lot of oil problems and is the nerve problem. but is there any kind of political problem? all of this stuff breaking. hillary clinton's campaign but grin at the names. politics like in a role in this market? >> about to say gas but i just don't see it. i'm not sure we are hearing from any candidate i see what they're going to do on interest rates, what precisely they will do an oil and oil production, and better. the issue is a lot of is a lot
11:10 am
of fun nostrils. not deplorable is, but not natural holders is not. these are negative interest rate refugees coming to this country saying i want to buy security because i can get yield. you have commodity trading accounts. you have parity traders. a lot of people when there's a down draft, it becomes very sloppy to unwind. stuart: all kinds of things happening today. the hearings on capitol hill about hillary's private server. the stock market falling down 223 points. german police arrest three serious men sent to europe by isis to carry out terror attacks. full details i'm not of course. donald trump taken hillary clinton to task for her deplorable's comment. he even brought deplorable is on stage with him. guess who is next to california's larry elder after this. >> hilly clinton came on and finally told the world how she feels about the people of this
11:11 am
country. she said tan said millions of patriotic americans are a basket of deplorable. how can you be president? how can you be president for so many people? when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. are you or your spouse saved enough for retirement? 62 or older?
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11:14 am
>> you could put half of tram supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable spirit racist, sexist,, you name it. stuart: you'll hear a lot about that throughout the campaign. it will be repeated by mr. trump for a long time to come. as you heard their cover sheet calls trump supporters racist and sexist. governor mike pence had this to say about the deplorable comment. >> this is not the first time she called millions of americans a basket of deplorable's.
11:15 am
as i said, anyone who has not lowered their opinion should never serve in the highest office in an era in the nationally syndicated -- it seems to me that governor parents is frequently asked about david duke. sounds to me like it is a distraction. let's talk about david duke. not what hillary said about trump supporters. what did he say? >> either way, i'm in california as you know in the grand dragon of the has endorsed hillary. she's not been asked about that. i don't know why anyone is surprised about this. if you have a different view about abortion, illegal immigration, the second amendment, religious freedom committed to agree to which racism remains a major problem, validity of black lace matter come you're not just wrong but there's something wrong with you as a human being. back in 1999 the campaign
11:16 am
manager of al gore said that the republican party had a white boy attitude. charlie rangel used to be had of the house ways and means committee. republicans don't say and word anymore for password, a slur for hispanics. debbie wasserman schultz will be for donald trump showed up on the scene. that's what they do. that's how they roll. they can talk about the economy or foreign policy. they have to call him or her a bigot. stuart: we've heard from some political commentators said after this weekend the hillary campaign is buckling at the knees. that was the expression used. do you think she can get over the comment about deplorable is? can she get beyond that? >> is going to be a problem. i got a gentleman for a -- a call from a gentleman in south carolina. i've never been a never shy person but i'm on the fence. i'm informed that i'm racist and
11:17 am
a xenophobe. i've got a real problem. they're trying to figure out what to do. >> iraq did her to the comments about deplorable spirit i sat there is a terrible thing to say about millions of americans. you brought up a point here and i want to tile our audience if hillary clinton says we americans are racist, sexist, et cetera, et cetera, what's '-backquote? >> she is the turned deplorable in a tv interview. the jerusalem post and newspapers are blowing up. at the same time she calls americans deplorable, what is the relax and think calling islamic jihad as terrorists, using the term terrorist. the 9/11 report you said 11
11:18 am
times. here's churchill or fdr refusing to identify nazis a names. i don't get it. stuart: that's a fair point. i'll get to them in a second. last comment from you. >> madeleine albright once said there's a special place for women to does suburban and. she's talking of course about liberal women. she's not talking about michele bachmann or parlay fear rain or sarah palin. this is how they feel. if you don't go along with hillary and her female, there's something wrong with you. this is what they really think. stuart: larry elder, thanks for joining us. it's a big news day. thanks. you're all right. thanks very much. atlanta fed president dennis lockhart will step down in february. one of the more centrist than presidents. not sure what that means. it would not have a vote on the open policy committee next year.
11:19 am
he's stepping down. either way, the dow did his session was following that news. peter kiernan, what is the significance? >> as significant as people are watching every twist and turn in shanghai. one fed governor says we must raise rates. another sad this is the wrong time. it's impossible to discern. stuart: we've got to go. two items to report. i ran threatening to shoot down two s. navy plane. tell us both stories coming out. you both have a
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
11:23 am
stuart: very close to the low of the day, down 200 or the points. the price of oil also way down. that was $44 a barrel. one stock in the dow 30 on the upside and that is apple one away, up 2.5%. good, strong advance for the iphone seven and of course the galaxy seven has real problems. back to the overall market.
11:24 am
peter kiernan, former goldman sachs partner. what is that about algorithms. what is this? >> the market has rhythms. what is basically going on is the emergence of big data in the market and other investment organizations increasingly trading on word usage by said people. word usage by people involved in opec. stuart: you mean computers listen to what federal reserve governors tell you in the speeches? if they say keywords, they say key words, they may sell or they say keywords, then a seller by commas that what they do? >> people have access to the full type of every tweet and twitter. and they are watching through computers every twist and turn discolored non-looking for any hints. one of the questions you could ask him if this off at speed? really helpful to the markets. i would argue it's not. it is actually creating opportunities, but it's creating
11:25 am
tapir tangerines. anyone any -- any time anyone sees tapir in common, salad in a blink of an eye. is who decides to tell you how quick this is. this resides between the wallpaper in the wall. so thin, so quick and is absolutely computer-driven and that recounts for most the trade going on on a day like today. stuart: we've lost all the ground made up. knocked it out of bounds. >> they tend to over trade. i do think for these tapir tantrums are in opportunity. last january after the quarter-point rise, people invested to an all-new high. you can't outsmart the computer. wait your turn. >> on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, judge andrew napolitano reporting senator grassley has seen the nonclassified hillary e-mails earth shattering. how about that?
11:26 am
next with the details. >> senator grassley goes and raised to classify the nonclassified in public and they won't let him. if i could reveal what i saw, it's earth shattering. the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics t to track down cybcriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. did you or anyone in your household work around
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stuart: hearings continue in washington. the man who set up hillary's private server did not show up. 's lawyer said it was all political, he is not required to show up. a gentleman named mister kim but i did show up, did not testify, he took the fifth. he is the man who we believe was in charge of the leading using bleach it, hillary's emails. justin cooper did show up and answer questions and he reportedly smashed one of those cell phones belonging to hillary clinton so you couldn't get at the emails within. he had full access to hillary clinton's private server but had no security clearance. judge andrew napolitano is with us in an entirely different
11:31 am
strand which is senator grassley has seen the emails that hillary didn't want us to see and non-secret emails, he has seen them and they are earth shattering. judge napolitano: he has seen the fbi report and file which contains classified and unclassified. the fbi commingled classified with unclassified and put it all in the senate safe room. whatever is in the senate save room can only be viewed without a mobile device without written materials and by signing an oath you won't reveal what is in there even though much of what is there is reviewable and nonclassified. from nonclassified, could reveal it, it would be earth shattering. stuart: is he going to reveal it? judge napolitano: he demanded of the fbi they celebrate -- separate classified from nonclassified, haven't gotten an answer from them yet. of the one that is an
11:32 am
opportunity to break the whole thing open. judge napolitano: we also have an opportunity from the house side, congressman chafe it's caused the fbi agent who was testified to deliver the whole file to the house. up to them what they want to do. the fbi is telling congress what it can read and not read and denying the opportunity to read nonclassified material but according to senator grassley, the chair of the judiciary has not happened before. stuart: i get the impression you and i talked about this, i always said we get nowhere with this. they will never find out what happened after what you said, to change my mind. if senator grassley can present to everybody else what those emails contain, the whole thing is broken over. stuart: a gentleman testifying near the house committee was the
11:33 am
most informative we have heard. he was an employee of the clinton family and the clinton foundation, total access to the clinton emails with no security clearance. of the one who told him to smash one of the cell phones? judge napolitano: didn't answer. judge napolitano: extracted all the information from cell phones before he smashed them to bits. stuart: he took all the information out. judge napolitano: not getting any -- judge napolitano: a fairly good cross examiner. stuart: i refuse to pay for law school. that is the way it is. do you agree with me? judge napolitano: stuart: we are getting close to full disclosure? judge napolitano: senator
11:34 am
grassley with his personal tenacity and his position in the senate, the chair of the senate judiciary committee, to exposing for the first time in this whole saga the truth. judge napolitano: stuart: never thought we would get there before the election but that is earth shattering. thank you, judge. the big board show the low of the day down 260 points on the dow jones industrial average. it has been that way all day. donald trump will give a speech about child care. we know his proposal. income tax deductions for working parents, almost all working parents, $250 a pair, some deductions for stay-at-home parents, incentive for employers to provide childcare at work, guaranteed six weeks paid
11:35 am
maternity leave. can you stay out of this for a second? rachel campos is the guest, not judge andrew napolitano. sounds like the judge is going to say this sounds like a liberal program to me. does it to you? >> the first thing we have to say is donald trump is engaging in this conversation a lot of times the conversation about child care is important to families and especially women, often seated to the other side to the democrats, we have a republican candidate with a very serious proposal. first thing we should say is he proposed broad-based tax relief for everybody in a tax plan which is the best start because it allows parents to decide what to do with their money and have more money in their pockets to take personal responsibility for their child care.
11:36 am
stuart: everybody -- even of you are not making much money at all, you don't have any federal income tax that doesn't matter. you get a bigger check under the earned income tax credits. this is not like republicans at all. >> it is different but there are things, fiscal conservatives have problems with. the other thing that is great is the idea of allowing at home parents to engage in that deduction, a lot of times women are being nudged into day care. democrats often say they like the european plan, it nudges people into day care. if you pull parents they will tell you 60% or more say they prefer to stay home with their kids or have childcare in their home. we want to provide a plan that empowers parents to make the
11:37 am
decision for their children. stuart: how about the six week guaranteed paid leave? our script said paid maternity leave. i think it is broader than that but what do you make of it? >> some details are missing. i like the idea of having that but there are a lot of fiscal conservatives who don't like that. i think it is a good idea. we want to encourage people to have families, the only beef i have is it it four. i have eight kids. it comes out at four kids but it is a serious plan. there is a little bit for everybody in it and some fiscal conservatives are going to have problems with it. it is better than what democrats are offering which is a lot of subsidies for child care and one that is not mentioned is regulation. federal government, state
11:38 am
government, the cost of childcare more expensive than it needs to be. we need to keep our kids safe but some of the stuff makes childcare more expensive than it needs to be. stuart: the mother of eight firmly in favor of childcare assistance. not surprised in the slightest. thank you for joining us, good stuff. look at this. the price of oil down $44.93, the international energy agency said the oil glut will last way into 2017. jeff flock live in chicago. you are talking to traders. do they think it will go down to 39 or what? jeff: i don't think so. we are $34.93 down. we got as low as $44.98, it is down 3%. the ie a, we have a glut continuing but here is the deal,
11:39 am
demand is not slowing, they are not shrinking but the rate of growth, china makes the point, china's growing demand is still growing but not as fast as they thought it was going to. here is my other headlines looking at intraday chart, you see the information that came in. for the first time since april 2014 saudi arabia has retaken the lead from the us as the world's top oil producer. that is a big deal, that is withoutes are trying to do, the us has been leading since the middle of 2014 and the saudi's have taken it back, big production increases driving show produces out and have succeeded to some degree. stuart: good stuff, thanks very much, quick check with the market guy of the day. you were explaining oil is important to the stock market because people have to keep pumping oil which raises the supply, depresses the price,
11:40 am
they have to keep pumping to pay the debt. >> there is a meeting of opec leaders, what they are going to say, you got what you wanted, you got market share, you are number one and by the way, who is the number one trading partner with saudi arabia? not the united states anymore, china. this has been a shift and they are going to say can you and vladimir putin is playing a big role in this trying to be statesmanlike, can we please come to some agreement on production. stuart: they want to freeze production at record high levels. >> iran is saying no good for me because i want to be higher and higher because i'm playing catch up. vladimir putin is saying let's give a run some runway. he is being a good guy, no one more than vladimir putin once higher oil prices which is economy is dependent on oil and predicated on oil with a 5 in
11:41 am
front of it, $40, 45, does not work for russia, they want to hire. stuart: $44 a barrel, dow jones down 256 points, that is where we are on the markets which hillary clinton's health questions, bill clinton now campaigning in her place, full story after this. >> frequently -- rarely -- on one occasion, over the last many years the same thing has happened. does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides with your foxbusiness free, volatility continues on wall street, dow jones industrial average down 245 points off of the lows of the day. the nasdaq down 65, all sectors are lower, the last three trading days you can see on friday we dropped 400 points, the fed rate hike monday gained 240. a dovish tone, wells fargo, watching wells fargo closely after the company ended the quarter, charged $185 million. jpmorgan surpasses wells fargo as the biggest us bank in market capitalization. one component with an arrow after iphone sales are doing very well.
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> doing fine, she wasn't there last night, she is doing fine. all of her doctors, it is frequently -- not frequently but rarely, on more than one occasion over the last many years, the same things happened. stuart: frequently having nasty
11:46 am
turns or rarely? hillary continues to rest after diagnosis of pneumonia, bill clinton traveling to west coast fundraisers in beverly hills. here is what hillary said about her transparency to anderson cooper. >> doesn't your handling, refused to acknowledge what happened until after that video was circulated confirmed suspicions and voters that you are not transparent. >> compare everything you know about me with my opponent. time he met the same level of disclosure i have for years. stuart: what do you make of that? doug show an is a democrat and is with us this morning was more transparent and donald trump. forget the donald trump business, very transparent, hillary clinton.
11:47 am
>> i would say many things about this. one thing we can't say, most would agree, the clintons and hillary clinton herself are not transparent. stuart: i think she had a disastrous weekend, the terrible remarks she said about most americans, the illness, i think her campaign has met a pivotal point and she is going down at this point. >> i would say she is at an inflection point. the race is tied. she is clearly going to be off the campaign trail for a couple more days if not a little longer. donald trump has been on message lately and been more effective. if he is able to seize the mantle in terms of transparency with his health records but also his message of change, then you could be correct. stuart: the new trump is out in which he appears to be listening to his new campaign manager.
11:48 am
do you know her? >> she is a dear friend who i disagree with significantly on the issues but she is a substantially talented professional judgment and she had real influence. stuart: she has controlled him. >> he has been able to positively influence him to maximize collectibility. of the one what do you make of the program about child care including 6 weeks of paid leave across the board the tax breaks for people who want to help their children with childcare, right out of your playbook. >> it is a good idea for him to do given that he has a gender gap of 25 points. he has to appeal to women, child rearing, child age bearing women and this is a good first step. liberal democratic politics, don't think you necessarily
11:49 am
support. stuart: he is on the upswing. >> the right thing to do, good message, good politics. stuart: do you make anything of these whispers? >> nothing. secretary clinton, i heard her with anderson cooper, she will be back on the campaign trail. the only trick she has is she gets fully recovered from whatever happens so on the 26, the first debate she is able to perform, she does that we will forget what happened last week. stuart: is a just pneumonia? >> i'm a political professional. call me in a couple weeks when i get my medical license. stuart: thank you very much. wells fargo is going to eliminate all product sales goals in retail banking starting january 1st. tell me again. ashley: created 2 million factitious account in the names of customers who had no idea this was going on. they transferred money from
11:50 am
existing accounts into these fictitious accounts and charge them fees if it left the with insufficient funds or overdraft fees even though they didn't touch their money. they say they have taken away the sales goals and bonus schemes and the rest of it that led to this behavior. stuart: i don't like the idea of taking away incentives in the banking organization. >> the law of unintended consequences. at wells fargo they are unbelievably classy and honest people, this is a colossal screwup who get their arms around it and this kind of bad news, organizations may have the same problem. of the one the lady in charge of what happens, the division. ashley: she is out after 27 years, she had a nice payday close to $125 million.
11:51 am
a champion for the customers for the culture. stuart: that adds to the pr problem with the retail banking sector. stuart: charged with what is going on. >> in 2007 this was a $500 billion bank, it is three times the size it was but between acquisition of walker via and other banks, it is tricky to do and is the root of the problem. stuart: thank you. monty python, and now for something completely different. this man is a pizzeria owner in new jersey, came in last with his buddies and has punishment, up and down a busy highway in a bikini. if that is not motivation to do better i don't know what is. we thought we would show you.
11:52 am
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>> mister gagliano was receiving a paycheck for the clintons but failed to disclose that on his financial forms. we would like him to enter that question. and he entered an immunity
11:56 am
agreement. what are you afraid of? we wanted to hear from him so that is why we issued this subpoena. when you served as subpoena for united states congress it is not optional. stuart: that was jason chafe it's, chair of that committee hearing talking about brian pagliaro who set up the server for hillary clinton, he was a no-show this morning. another man has been answering questions, justin cooper, he was very much in charge of that server, had full access but no security clearance, he said hackers tried brute force with some frequency to get into hillary's private server. the hearing continues and i'm sure there will be more headlines. the stock market, we are way
11:57 am
down again, 250 points. what is the main problem today? >> people can't figure out how the valuation imputes, plans on 70% growth in the economy. and earnings, growing economy. how does that relate to what is going on with one present economic growth so you are looking for earnings growth at 15%, stock is reflecting that. where is that going to come from? if we don't have great earnings we have a problem. the stock market will have an accident. stuart: it is down 259, the low of the day. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: stock market jerked around by every statement, what do you say? >> time to have one leader with one voice from the fed.
12:00 pm
we are looking at every twist and turn from every fed president, albright and a brilliant, if you can't agree have someone speak for the fed. where are we going? >> they want fame? >> great to be heard. full employment and protecting against inflation. stuart: neil cavuto, i am taking up his time. that suit, checkerboard, sorry. neil: check every week, is that how that works? great discussion on janet yellen and the fed. all right. thank you very much. that take a look at the dow, a couple reasons for the selloff, unwinding after the big game, the fed governor said not so fast but


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